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Welcome to this briefing webinar session on : Know all about "Management Essentials Program by IIM Shillong" at MILVEST.

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This session is a series of community reach-out to inform the largest number of members from Military community about this "IIM Shillong" Management course on "Certificate Program in Management Essentials". Participants can read through the Program Brochures before the session, and clarify their queries during the session.

We have a mission to enrol 5000 members in the Management-Essentials Progran from the military commmunity from among the Officers, Other Ranks, Spouses and grown-up Fauji-Kids.

The.Program's short Intro-muodule of 5-sessions was completed between 30 Jan and 13 Feb. Over 880+ participants have commenced learning in the Intro module with IIM Shillong already. The Main Module will start from 02 April. Admissions are Open till 30 March 2024..Those Registering now will receive Recordings of 5-Intro sessions to cover-up individually.

Plse Note: CLOSING date for Regn is 30 March. So Plse HURRY!! for this Golden opportunity to learn management from a IIM at near-Free sponsored program.

This unique Program at near-free cost is specifically created for the benefit of community members, and we want the full 5000 program capacity to ensure that the opportunity is fully utilised.

All members of the military community, may please spread the word to all military Spouses, grown-up fauji kids, Officers and Other-Ranks (both Serving and Retired) so that they can connect with us through these reach-out sessions; and/or enrol into the Course . We look forward to meet You as a learner-collaborator in the course.

Video call on Exly Connect
Video call on Exly Connect
Joining link and password will be relayed to you post booking
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Meet Your Creator, MILVEST
Soldiers learn here, to succeed in their next-frontier

MILVEST is a social initiative to assist and enable military personnel and their family members. It is a unique skilling initiative which designs industry-oriented skilling programs customised specifically to the learning needs and challenges of the soldiering community. MILVEST has a single Purpose, to enable the military community to succeed in life while serving in military and also beyond-military. MILVEST is closely supported and guided by Sambhav Kadam Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation committed to creating enabling opportunities for military community. Know more about Sambhav-Kadam Foundation HERE

With over 3 years of continuous month-on-month operations and ongoing reasearch, MILVEST is now launching large scale skilling programs using its Large Program Frameworks (LPFs) developed in-house.

Project Deepak, an aspirational Program which has the potential to transform the Veteran Landscape in next 2 years will be kick-started on 26 January 2024, with three Great-Value Offerings for 9,000 soldiers and their families.

Lets just join-in and get-started on a learning and enabling journey. Make sure to let your buddies know about it too. Happy Learnings together at MILVEST


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